Seemed strange to wake up + not have Jerry around. I’d made pkges of books for Sue Glick + the Pigotts + finally gotten Annie’s teapot crated. Dick went to the store for brown paper and I wrapped + addressed them. Wrote David + Debbie a note with their photos which they’d left behind, sent $34 to Clark County Social Services for Mr. Chan, renewed Nat’l geographic subscription for Mr. Casey, Henry Raymond + Bruce Sheffield. Paid bank americard + our mortgage. We drove over to the post office and I mailed all the stuff + bought some airmail stamps. We [crossed out letters] went by Mr. Chan’s and left him a check for $100.00 He was outside his door + looked alot better than last night. We had breakfast at Foxy’s + then went to the bank Put Dick’s name on the savings + took out $1,000.00 with which we got traveler’s checks for $600 (3 each) + the rest cash.) Stopped at the Safeway + got steaks for dinner + I took down Caroline’s address. Back to the house. napped + worked all day. Did a little + then lay down. Alot of throwing out. Did several loads of laundry and ironed shirts + a dress. Jim over around 4:30. He vaccuumed the pool which looked great by the time he’d finished. I made packing lists Dick fixed the steaks for dinner – first try underdone but after another go at the fire they were great. We packed after. Leon called in the midst + we called him back. Dick turned on the therapy + the heater + we all sat in it + soaked. Bed at 10:30 or 11. I took a no-doz to be sure + wake up. Odd mixture of sensations. Excitement about the trip + mild malaise too.