George McGovern the democratic candidate + Thomas Eagleton his V.P. candidate.

Woke at 7 and fixed some coffee. Leon joined me about 7:30. Sent me home with a box of cookies + a hand bag for Mom. Got to Mary + Les’ about 9 only to find I’d just missed Mary. She’d gone to the dentist’s. She’d called Leon last night but he hadn’t told me in so many words. He had said this a.m. “Did you call your sister?” but I thought he meant before so said yes. Nice visit with Les. Shirley Hogue died a few weeks ago. The VW squareback should cost about 3280 sans tax + my bug is worth about $1100. Turned in the car at Hertz + owed $37.00! for about 26 hours. Wow! That’s steep. Dick met me at the plane. Thought I saw Terry Nelson of Fitzurlly but couldn’t be sure or think of his name so let it go. Got back to the house + had a sandwich. Jerry just finishing up + joined us for coffee Dick describing the old days when after work you’d “hit the old barroom” + I said “but then the old barroom hit back” + that was my bon mot of the day. After Jerry left we lay down + napped. Got very little done in the way of packing or even preparing to pack. Jim Daniels came over about 3:30 and he snoozed too. We had TV dinners. Leon called + we called George in Pa. + Les. George got a price of $3750 on the same car. Les said that was crazy. We called Hertz + can get a car for a month for $350 with unlimited miles so that’s not too terrible. Les told Dick he’d give him a real deal on a Mazda later. Well we’ll see. We were in bed + ready to sleep when Mr. Chan called. Wanted me to come over “right away.” I put Dick on the phone + next thing we were driving over to Cincinnati. Dark thoughts of suicide etc but it seems Mr. Chan had gotten a welfare check (social security) for $318.40 + wanted to pay us back immediately!