Dick drove me to the airport at 6:45. Left [crossed out word] at 7:20 for L.A. Jane at the Hertz counter gave me my car with a parking ticket already on it. was out at Georges by nine. He’s enlarging and moving into next door also. Doing alot of the work himself. Nice haircut. Went into Hollywood and mailed $800 registered mail to Ana + Armando. Wrote the accompanying letter on the plane. Told them I couldn’t send more. That’s a thousand with the other 200 but I seriously doubt it will be enough. Went + bought some records for Rich Ware. Don’t know how much he’ll like them. Got the sermons of John Donne read by Herbert Marshall for us. (Why?) Went to Timmy’s. Mrs. Henning never showed but had a very nice lunch (several glasses of wine too) + just as I was leaving Ian Forman came by. He + Mel live in Phoenix now where he’s a technical advisor to Sperry Rand. Gave me his card + home address. Timmy is really a pleasure to be with/with Ritalin the pill that he’s taking thanks to Eve Siegal’s perspicacity. Drove out to Pasadena. Stopped at an akron + got a watch (wild VOTE ’72) but all they had. Got out to Las Encinas a little after 3 Nice visit with Rich + glad I’d gone but very hard to catch more than a word or two. I did alot of talking and could get the gist or at least the intent of some of his replies. John not there which I was sorry for. Left about 5 and went back to Timmy’s after picking up a small alarm clock. Mrs. Henning there + saw the place which is nothing but certainly adequate for $82 a month. Gave her the first + last month check beginning July 18th She’s going to fix it up a little (?) Timmy will use it to paint in too for a while. Had some more wine with him. Called Leon + went + picked up some bourbon + fresca. Called Dick from Timmy’s + told him the deal was on with the apt. Got to Leon’s – we talked about only died” + money + Bill Tregoe + Ed Chevy etc. Ended up having Bill over things are finally going well for him – Whee. He would be interested in directing – drunkish evening- weird dinner.