Up early pottered about. Jerry here + he + Dick went to work on the pool. I called Julia at 8:30 – She wasn’t in + I talked to her assistant + told her to put $5,000 in my N.Y. acct – “an emergency – nothing to do with Dick or his business or health.” In a childish supremely guilty way was relieved not to talk to Julia. Stupidity plus Shirley had to stop at the hospital for tests – She goes in tomorrow for her hysterectomy. Got here a little after 10. Dick gave me a $500 check to put in the household acct and Shirley asked me to make several deposits I went to the bank of Nevada and put 400 in – my [crossed out word] checking and $500 back in the “Ana savings” – now that’s about what it was pre-spree. Went to the Valley Bank and put $800 back in our savings + 500 from Dick in the household acct. I cashed a N.Y. check for $150 for the L.A. trip and another for $800.00 to get M.O.’s for Ana + Armando. Went to the cleaners and got huge pile of laundry + then to the Safeway where I bought the M.O.’s and some groceries. Was home around 12:15 or so. Shirley gave me a cursory run down on the file cabinets etc. and a pile of 10th of the month bills to mail – I paid some bills myself after she’d gone – Nevada power, terminex etc. Dick + Jerry finished the Wall and put up the lights at the far corners They look just beautiful. I made a meat loaf for dinner – Turned out a little mushy. Made reservations for L.A. tomorrow a.m. – called Mary + Leon + Evelyn MacArthur. “The diary of a Daly debutante” never turned up the only one of Dr. Ware’s pkges to go astray. Went to bed around 10 o’clock or so.