Well – I did feel better this morning – not up to snuff by any chance but no sharp pain at least Dick outside working early with Jerry. I caught up my diary + worked on a double crostic – it’s an added entertainment when I think of Tom Middleton making them up. I paid a whole pile of bills – Power Co, Frontier Roseland, Anti-crime, garbage, exterminator + mystery guild. Dick came in for me to cosign a check just as the phone rang. It was poor Mr. Chan collect from Portland – He couldn’t get in anywhere to a hospital and also couldn’t contact either of his foster sisters. Felt sure they had “ditched” him. Having spoken to Mrs. Louie, I didn’t honestly feel that was the case. He’s coming back + asked if I could give him some money until his next check – I said yes + also that I’d call his landlady to keep his room. Dick was hot + over tired + flew into a rage + slammed out the front door while I was still on the phone. I called the landlady + settled that + then Dick called me up + asked me what I’d “committed” myself to. Was so disagreeable I hung up. He called right back + said I asked you a question.” I answered + then he hung up on me. Next Leon called – rotten connection + I had a pounding headache so was fairly brief with him. Dick home later worn out, small fever + collapsed in bed. No more said. I swept the kitchen floor, made stuffed peppers for dinner + knit a 2nd place mat Plan to go out tomorrow for a while at least.