Was up early, early. Decided against going to the airport to see Mr. Chan off however. Wrote him a letter explaining my conversation with his foster sister and gave it to Dick to take him. Jerry came at 7:20 or so + I told him Dick had decided not to work today. He’d tried to phone Jerry but no answer. Dick home at 8:00. Forgot to get Mr. Chan’s key from him. Dick didn’t feel any too great himself so joined me in bed. I had very little fever today 100° was the highest but the pain in the right side was really pretty bad although better than last night. I read three books during the day – the two Mystery guild selections and the Grand Street Collection by Joseph Arles. At one point Dick called Bill Bentley at home about me “Patience has one degree of temperature + can’t lie on her right side” Surely enough to throw him into a panic! Felt a little silly about it. We called Druscilla + had a very nice chat. Watched some TV Long, long day, Dick promised me I’d feel better tomorrow.