Dick triggered the alarm this a.m. + had 3 Sherriff’s cars here! Went me one better!

Up earlyish – didn’t feel too hot – sort of a stitch in my side. Dick took 3 bags of sheets to the laundry and 2 blankets we had on the chairs. I wrote a few days diary, put the yellow spread back on the bed + called Western Airlines about Portland flight The only direct flight at 7:45 a.m. After Dick came home I went to Dazey and made bought an open ticket for Mr. Chan. Went to the Tropicana + played 21 + won $500.00 Went to see Mr. Chan who wanted to leave tomorrow morning. Tried to talk him out of it. Suggested he wait at least two days but he said he was desperate so I guess that’s that. Went back to Dazey + made the reservation + paid in cash (first had put it on Am.Express.) Called Dick. Back to Mr. Chan’s. Took him some boxes to put things in and gave him $50. He gave me his sister’s (foster sister’s) name + address in Portland to call. I took a few of his things home with me + it was agreed I’d see him off at the plane tomorrow a.m. I went to WonderWorld + bought some fitted sheets + then to the Blvd market for groceries. Came home + gave Dick a $100 bill. Once again told him I’d hit a slot machine as 21 seems to bother him. He’d had a rotten day with little accomplished Had rented a skiploader which broke down, or got stuck in the sand in back. I had a fever + the pain in my side was bad by the time I went to bed it was excruciating + I just lay there + cried. Couldn’t help myself Called Mr. Chan’s sister + she was very upset at his coming although very nice