Kind of weird day. In early a.m. I wrote a rather snippy birthday card to Susan Enelow with $25.00 for her 21st birthday As she never acknowledged the Christmas $10 or the valentine my heart wasn’t much in this little offering. (If she’s angry with me which I could understand she ought to be adult enough to write + say so.) Also wrote very brief note to Timmy with his check almost 2 weeks late. I called Jessie to see if she’d gotten her pkge + she had – Dick called Jim Daniels + asked him over “around one” – I told him to ask him later but he didn’t. We went to the Main P.O. + I got my notes off + then stopped by Mr. Chan’s to tell him I’d see him on Tuesday as all offices were closed tomorrow. (As soon as we got home discovered we’d made a mistake + they’re closed Tuesday!) We had breakfast at Foxy + stopped at Wonderworld. Dick had some things to get and I bought some contact paper – Came home + covered some old coffee cans to use as poolside ashtrays. Leon called + Dick spoke with him. I called him back later + I spoke with him. Explained we had no money to invest in movies etc. Jim Daniels over around two + stayed + stayed after saying he had to leave! He read all the Sat. Evening Posts! I did about 4 loads of wash, changed every bed in the house and finally mended the two cigarette burns in the yellow quilt. Chicken dinner. Jim going to stay a few nights before we leave. Dick got quite alot accomplished too –