It was hard to get up today for some reason – Dick had made nice breakfast. First was in good mood + then in bad. We took Cassie to the airport at 9:15 Dick got a shoeshine. Cassie looked nice with some color from the sun + her new haircut. We came home + then Dick went to pick up a present for me from Janet. Oh dear. It was a painting of the Green Lion done by her sister at Janet’s special request and I’m afraid I don’t really like it at all despite the thought behind it – alas. Tony came over + we had a nice visit and some talk about the witnesses of course. [crossed out word] He gave me the name of a cousin Carmen Garcia who’s looking for a housekeeper + may be able to help Ana + Armando. I’ll call her before we leave. We were talking today about going back + have sort of settled on the 14th at the latest. I read the new Horizon today. Pretty fascinating edition. I swam 20 laps in all today (by lap I mean one time back + forth or 75′) that’s a little more than a quarter a mile!