Cassie + I went out around 9:00. Went to the Tropicana and played some 21 – Lost so Cassie went to play the slot machines, I went on losing by myself. Cashed a check from the household acct for $300 + then with the first hundred I got lucky. Cassie came over + I started giving her chips – She bought back the check + I gave her $50.00 and was a couple hundred ahead. We went to the Boulevard and had lunch with Ann Hall at the Harvest House. Interesting conversation about her first husband and then about her niece who’s been in every kind of trouble imagineable Cass went for her hair appt and I went to Pantry Pride downtown to get some groceries for Mr. Chan. Ridiculous impasse when they couldn’t change a $100 bill + everyone who wasn’t standing in line was running around from one check stand to another – Mr. Chan not at all well. Left another $20 with him. He wants to go to Portland, Oregon. Tried to get in a hospital here but they wouldn’t take him. They will send him back to Desert Retreat but he doesn’t want to go + I can’t blame him. I told him I’d look into Portland flights for him + would see him next Monday. Kept poor Cass waiting for almost 2 hours! They’d finished her hair cut in no time. It looks darling. Came home + swam + layout in the sun. Veal parmiagian for a late dinner. Cass packed. Bed about 11 –