Cass + I went to the Breakfast Club this A.M. Ann put us at the Celebrity Table with David Harris of “Bottoms Up” as there wasn’t anyone else to keep him company. He was alot of fun. Had hoped Cassie would get the traveling guest award but alas there was a lady from Budapest. But Cassie did the tongue twister + won a shampoo + set at Penney’s which was exactly what she wanted. weird conversation with David about jerbels a small rodent like animal. Cassie went to Hallmark’s after + bought gifts for everyone at home plus a great cannister set for us as house gift. We went to the International + I had the same weird kind of luck as I’d had at the Landmark. First very bad + then really very very good. Ended up way ahead + gave Cassie [crossed out letter] a hundred (after all she’d split her jackpot with me + Dick) Went to the Golden Venus and took off 9 inches this time Maureen Kelly gave me a half roll of wrap for my knees at home which I smuggled out in my bag. (She told me I’d already paid for it anyway!) We got home about 4:45. Jim Hannon had come + gone! Wish I’d seen him but evidently he had to go back suddenly. He wants $25,000 to start work on the film. And according to Dick Leon doesn’t seem to be included. It’s all pretty weird + I don’t feel we ought to get involved. We went to the Bonanza for a very good roast beef dinner and then played a little 21. Dick played at the same table I did and after I’d lost 5 hands straight + told him I was going to play 2 hands, he lost a hundred. He got up + left + I won it back in minutes so we all left even + came home.