I finished Jim Hannon’s (alis James Christopher) book about 10:30 a.m. and I think it’s a really fine book. I didn’t like it for the first 20 pages or so but then became utterly engrossed. It should make a hell of a movie. I cancelled my wrap treatment for today but kept Cassie’s + made [crossed out letter] one for both of us tomorrow which takes care of the 5 appts I had left. Drew Cass a map + she took the truck – Stopping off at Wonderworld where Daisy was expecting her! I napped + helped clean the pool + napped some more Leon called three times during the day to see if Hannon had come or had called. Also to tell us that all was straightened out re his driver’s license. There had never been anything amiss to begin with – just his guilty conscience tearing him apart!!! He apologized for being such bad company on his visit. Dick went out + got lobster tails for dinner – Jim Hannon finally called about 8 o’clock. Had just gotten in. We made a date for dinner tomorrow night at the Bonanza (Scotty’s + Cassie’s fun-pack freebies) and it was left that he’d call Dick tomorrow when he was free – I said that I wouldn’t be home til 4:30 or so. We had a delicious lobster tail dinner + went to bed early. Cassie changed her reservations to Saturday.