We (Leon Cassie, Scott + I) went to the Bonanza in the morning. Cassie got Scott + Leon breakfast with her free tickets + then Scotty won a fun pack which he gave us + Cassie won 5,000 blue chip stamps + I played 21 + lost. Saw a dealer from the Showboat there Leon wanted to go home about noon. Wasn’t feeling well. Scotty took me + Cassie to the Landmark + then took Leon home. I cashed two checks for 200 each and was losing steadily until suddenly things turned around + I started to win. It was funny because Scott would come to the table + take the chips + cash them in. We left with $500 at a point when all had seemed lost. Came home + gave Leon a hundred dollars Scott 60 + Cassie $40 + Dick $100 + I had the $200 I’d started the day with. Leon asked to talk with me and we went outside. It seems he cheated on his written driving test and they asked to see him after he’d passed his road test. He’d refused + gone off. Then he called his lawyer + is going with his lawyer tomorrow to the MVD. I couldn’t help laughing – I told him that even though he’d been “naughty” – they couldn’t report him to his parents! Poor Leon has been literally killing himself over this. It’s laughable but pitiable. Cassie + I took Scott + Leon to the airport at 6:45 – Came home + Dick joined us for TV dinners Leon had also confided in Dick who’d told him the same as I did (We incidentally were his only confidants – he hadn’t even told Scotty) Leon called us about 9 + told us Jim Hannon was arriving tomorrow + would call us at noon. Cass + I had wrap treatments scheduled for 1:30 but Leon really made a big deal about my being there to meet Hannon. It bugged me but I said I’d see” – I read about 96 pages of the book tonight