Oh dear – dreary day. Dick got up + washed fittings in the garage – I finally went + helped him make an inventory list. I’d been planning to go out with the others but Dick was difficult + after Tri-delta came with the bricks I decided I might as well stay home in case anything else came up. They all left around 11 o’clock Dick went + lay down finally + I lay on the couch He had an appt with Dave in the afternoon + also went to buy some kind of glue. I waited downstairs at Daves. Went + bought some paperbacks + cards at the drugstore + played a slot machine + had a cup of coffee (won $10 + stopped.) We stopped at the Safeway on Desert Inn coming home + I got stuff to make a meatloaf. We went swimming (Scotty, Cassie + I) Leon lay on the chaise lounge + got a little sun. Scotty, Cassie + I played triple solitaire which is alot of fun. Leon called Jim Hannon + had Dick talk to him then came in + told us about it. He’s the guy who wrote “American Savage” – which I still haven’t read. He’s coming to Las Vegas sometime this week + coming to see us I wish I knew what it was all about – Oh hell Gave Leon an excedrin PM tonight as evidently he’s having trouble sleeping. In alot of ways it’s been an awful visit but I guess it’s been nice for Cassie at least, and I hope Scott – and at Least Leon has eaten well for a change!