Oh dear – Rotten morning. Dick got up to fix the therapy pool for Leon + was immediately tired + disagreeable. I suggested he go back to bed + he told me to fuck myself + I told him to take care of his own fucking pool + threw the brush in the pool + stormed off. Scotty fixed breakfast for everyone (I wouldn’t eat) including Dick who went back to bed and I stayed outside + skimmed leaves off the pool (like a sulky 6 yr old) Cass, Leon + Scott left about noon in the V.W. we gave Leon money for Keno and slot machines (Dick gave him $20 + so did I!) and I also gave him $20 to buy lunch for all of them. I called Ann Hall earlier to say that swimming was out today as Dick was sick again. She offered to bring him something to read but I declined gratefully. The group returned about six o’clock. Nobody had won anything. We had Boeuf Bourgignonne for dinner. Dick joined us and then we all played yahtzee briefly I went to bed early (shortly after Dick.) Leon sat in our bedroom watching TV with Dick + made no move to leave even after I put on a night gown + crawled into bed. Scott finally came in + got him + they went to watch it in color in the livingroom.