Was up early and wrote a letter in English to Ana + Armando. Not a very nice letter I am afraid but extremely realistic. Mentioned the fact that it had been difficult financially for them before when they paid no rent, no board + were making $200 a month more than they would be now. We also helped them with Medical bills + paid for Armando’s car ($400) + back taxes ($340). I repeated the fact they could not come back here + said that Dick did not feel that Armando did enough around the house and that he was still angry about the jumper cables. I found myself getting upset all over again as I wrote the letter. It’s really a sort of nightmare + I wish it would all go away! Numbered all the papers + clipped explanatory notes to them. Took them to Vegas Village to get the affidavit of support Xeroxed in case I need to look at it again (God forbid) Had to go instead to Heers-Roeder as the Machine was out of order. Went to Post office + got involved in 3 car tangle in the P.O. parking lot – right behind me so couldn’t get out! Went to Safeway + home. Cassie had done alot of the cleaning already + I finished up the little left. Dick’s temperature climbing steadily despite the aspirin. When it got to 104.4 I called Bill Bentley at home + he called in a Rx for antibiotics. Went + got them. Cass + I took the truck to meet Scott + Leon. Nobody there so came home they’d called Dick from the airport so back we went. The Roast in the oven . By the time we connected I was all upset + uptight. Came home + had dinner. Leon looks pretty awful. Everything a bit too much both today + tonight. Scotty looks great. I unwound a little as the evening wore on. Leon ate very well.