Shirley in today. Dick had a one o’clock appt. with Dave. Cassie + I had 1:30 appt for wrap treatments at the Golden Venus. We went by Wonder World first + played the slot machines a little. Saw Joyce. Went to buy some paper backs + she’d left by the time I got back so never said goodbye. Felt a little badly. New set up at the Golden Venus and alot nicer. Maureen the new wrapper – nice girl. She told me I was “tiny” – very nice girl! I lost 11 inches – all flab of course. Cass lost 9 1/2″ which is very good We were home after stopping at the bank by 5 o’clock. I got my affidavit of support notarized + copies of my portfolio made and a letter in duplicate from Jack Kiser for Ana + Armando. The L.A. papers from Scott came this afternoon so now I have everything that I can do. They have to take care of the L.A. Police letters themselves and Armando must sign, fill out, + return the work papers to C+S. We came home + swam. Dick feeling badly again + back in bed, Scotty + Leon come tomorrow + we’ve got to to clean the house. Were too tired to start tonight despite brave plans!