deathly ill today – Confessed to Dick that we’d hit the cooking wine + he was much relieved. ironed out disagreement with Cass. We didn’t go to Breakfast at the Blvd this a.m. but I called Ann after to confirm dinner. We went to the Mayfair to get more wine + some boiling onions. Came home to find Dick up + dressed + looking pretty god awful. Acted same when I suggested he go back to bed. Dr. Bentley called to [crossed out word] ask how he was + Dick told him “great.” Shortly after he relasped back into bed. I fixed the boeuf bourgignonne with Cassie’s help + we swam + lay out in the sun. Ann + Eddie came about 7 – flipped over the pool + told Dick so in very convincing terms. We had a pleasant dinner + Cassie enjoyed them enormously – impossible not to. They left about 10:00 or a little after. Dick up then for some soup + back to bed.