Up early + for some reason went out to do the shopping at 7 a.m. while Jerry cut the lawn. Dick decided to sleep in. After I got back with all the ingredients for tomorrow’s boeuf bourgignonne discovered Dick had a temperature. Pain in his chest too. Jerry went to work on Mario’s pool. Cassie + I stayed home Dick’s temperature went from 102 to 104° – I was convinced he had pneumonia. Called Bentley who said it sounded like flu + to give him aspirin + of course I thought he was wrong. I went to the Drugstore + got some A.S.A (10 mg) and the pharmacist suggested an alcohol rub. Got home. Dick very feverish + I was sick with worry. Haunted by Bennie O’Bannion’s death – pneumonia treated as flu! Dick said at one point that he couldn’t have Boeuf Bourgignonne – Couldn’t have anything cooked with wine – Doctor’s orders. I decided Cassie + I ought to drink it then. One half gallon of cheap red cooking wine. Christ. Poor Dick was a little delerious but he knew something was wrong + asked me if I’d [crossed out letters] been drinking. Categorical denial on my part “Where the hell would I get anything to drink?” – Poor Dick thought I’d slipped my rocker + had me lined up for Hartley Cass + I had a fight when I said the 6th time that I thought 2 weeks was too long a visit from George + Mom. Gala evening!