Went to Janet’s – not ready – so went to the Police Department + got the letters for Ana + Armando. Picked up Janet + went to the Bonanza – Big – Giveaway + Cassie won a “fun pack” – 2 free dinners, 2 free breakfasts, 2 free drinks etc. Played Keno + 21. I lost again fairly steadily. Janet suddenly had to go to the Doctor. (Hadn’t wanted to tell me before because she didn’t want to “change my luck” – crap! it could have used a change). Had “so wanted to give Dick the check for a thousand” – I assured her I’d take it to him but that wasn’t good enough. So I found myself having to go pick her up after the Doctor’s to bring her back out here! Pain in the ass really but we got the money back so what can I say. Janet very on edge + highstrung – little bout of tears in the kitchen. Dick fixed the therapy pool + we all sat in it for a while then we all four went to the Jungle Club for dinner. Janet talking non-stop. Came home about 7:30 or so. Early evening. Dick achey – “I ache all over” –