Called Scott. gave him the number of A+A’s wedding certificate + names for Police letters. Cassie + I went to the Police Department + then to the Federal bldg to get information to fill them out. Then to C+S Body Shop for the work papers from Armando’s boss. This is all such a mess + I dread their coming back. We went to the Post office + got a registered letter (certified rather) for Dick from the State Contractor’s board. We went to the Sands + I lost. Cassie won on slot machines but put it all back in. Next stop Castaways where I have the reputation of being a counter! Wish I had the game as well. We got back some. Had the oil changed in the car + a lube job Went to Safeway + I suddenly knew Cassie was going to hit the quarter progressive. Told her to play while I shopped + I’d go partners with her. She did hit it for $388- + I wasn’t even surprised! Weird? Left her to wait for the money + came home to tell Dick. He was very upset by the letter – The Herberths again. Damn their eyes. Went back for Cassie who gave the change girl $38 and split $150 [crossed out word] for me + $50 for Dick. Went swimming – Pleasant evening despite the Herberths