Up about 6:30 first go around. no paper again + Dick cancelled the Sun too! Went to the Stop’n’go for both papers – then back to bed + made love. Up for good about 9. We went over to the Hacienda for brunch + then gambled. I lost consistently + Dick didn’t do too well. Cassie only down about 3 dollars which isn’t too bad. We came home at 1 because we were expecting Art Clark III but he didn’t show He called later but Dick told him we were going out. We swam + tanned + I got nice color today. Lazed around. Nobody hungry for dinner so will give it to the dogs tomorrow. Watched good movie “Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol” + then played yahtzee Cassie + I had talk about Mom + George + life in general – interesting. We tried to call Scott but no luck Talked with Harold + the deal fell through with much manipulation in high places