Up at the crack of dawn Watered the lawn + did the ironing. Paid Power Co + American Heritage + finally got the kitchen table cleared off. Dick decided to make deliveries today and do a couple of service calls. Dennis brought Tina a half hour late which started me off a little annoyed. Christy came too. She was good as gold and stayed by the pool all morning. Tina did not do much of a job. I made her do places again but that gets to be as much of a chore as doing it myself. Went to the Stop+ go for cigarettes. They were out so went to the Safeway – Put $60 in the progressive slot machine + that’s where it still sits. Came home Janet Goldsmith called + was going to change her phone number. More rotton calls. Told her to use a police whistle She didn’t have one + I said I’d get one to her. Tina finished + waiting for Denny (who had to [crossed out word] finish his pitcher of beer) I drove over to the D.I. + gave Janet the whistle. Asked her to cash a $50 check at the store but no one to approve it Only had $10 on me. Went in + played 21 for 45 minutes + left with $90!! Wild. Straight home. Changed to go meet the plane with Dick who had rotton morning Cassie arrived on the dot Looks great + it’s lovely to have her. We spent a very quiet afternoon talking + swimming + lying by the pool Had lobster tails for dinner – Then yahtzee + bed by 10 – Letter in Spanish from Ana.