Day began with Tina calling to say she couldn’t make it. Called Mary to wish her a nice last day of School Called Daddy for an early Father’s day + Jimmy for a late birthday. Did alot of cleaning myself – the sort of temporary office that had piled up on the kitchen table. Made jello wrote diary, changed sheets – watered lawn. Went to the bank + made deposits for the business went to cleaners + tried to get Mr. Steiner to read Egon Wever’s letter for me but he told me to get his daughter on Monday. Lines everywhere – the Safeway jammed too. Janet Goldsmith had said something to Dick about a surprise being in the mail + [crossed out letters] we hoped it was going to be the check but no such luck Did get a nice residual though from My 3 Sons. Hot Hot day – Danny Henderson over to pick up his check for the deck. We didn’t go swimming today. ate + went to bed at 8 o’clock. I took a geritol before bed as I’m feeling run down and 2 pms to go straight to sleep.