Went to Breakfast at the Blvd today – Invited [crossed out letters] Ann + Eddie to dinner next Thursday night Ann had never left me a message about Indian Dancing!! But she had called! Went to the International + lost $225 which I had with me. Went to the Landmark + cashed a check+ took Janet Goldsmith to lunch. We went to the Copa Lounge (Stella’s husband’s place) Some mention of us getting the money we loaned Janet + Jim back which I said would be great at this time especially. we made a date to play keno on Tuesday when Cassie’s here Janet told me about Jim’s death and his saying “We’re both going to Hell Janet” almost the last time she saw him. I mailed the income tax papers – this year I’m going to get back the money withheld from my acting checks Back to the Landmark Could not get a hand. Lost in all $475 today which means I’m ahead $125 for the week. Should have been satisfied with the [crossed out letters] 600 + laid off today. Shirley had to go early today – She’s gone to San Francisco to see her sister who’s in the hospital – fear of cancer – 29 years old. Scott sent copies of wedding certificates but for the wrong Armando Salozar. Called Tina to see if she could come tomorrow + clean. Quiet pleasant evening – swam the pool back + forth 6 times –