It’s 3 4 days later and I can’t find my list for Wednesday so don’t remember much about it. Played 21 again. Went to Trop + won $100 + then to the Flamingo + lost it plus $200 and then to the Sands + won it all back so wound up $100 ahead for the day – actually $85. When I got that far back I decided to quit. Took the income tax paper to the Heers Roeder Bldg to Copy it on the machine + ran into every difficulty imagineable – not enough dimes, machine ran out of paper and when I got there there were 3 people ahead of me. It took almost 2 hrs for a 10 minute job! Thought of seeing Dave but then decided after calling Dick [crossed out word] it was too late. Came home + went swimming went back + forth 5 times today.