In the morning worked on income tax with Shirley – the odds + ends I hadn’t known how to classify before and some of Dick’s stuff. As before it got to the point of “Please Patience – no more deductions!” We called Dick Rund and he’s coming out here this summer while we’re gone!! What bad timing. I paid the mortgage and went to the post office + mailed letters and a pkge to Jessie – several dresses that should look very cute on her and a check for $25.00 Stopped at the Tropicana and won $100 and then went to the Sands and won $300!!! That was a fluke. I put the money back in the acct and deposited $100 in our savings acct + came home + gave Dick $50 this time. Though I told him I’d won it on a slot machine. I have a feeling about 21 now and that is that if one would stop at a given point in being ahead one could do fairly well. (given also a certain amount of luck.) Was very tired and think maybe we’re not eating well enough. Or at least the right things. The pool is all filled up now and I’m so happy with it. Some trouble with the mechanics of it – the turbos and the heater. I’m afraid Jack goofed pretty badly. Called Ed + Casey to come over + see it. Just a little too cold to swim. Skimmed the leaves off it – Such a lovely pool + Dicks done such lovely work Picked up Leon + Scotty tickets for the weekend after next. Called Leon – will call Scott in the morning (no answer)