Jessie called

Paul Grube here to plaster bright + early David made the mistake of coming out + telling Dick they were waking Debbie! They (D + D) went off to the International at 8:30. I went off to North Las Vegas to C+S Body Shop Had one hell of time finding N Commerce – took me an hour + a half but finally made it. Dale Stevens very nice + very willing to do anything he can for Armando. Has been unable to replace him. Nice to hear something good about poor Armando for a change. Next stop the Police Department on North Main only I couldn’t find that at all. it’s all somewhere in the Bonanza + Freeway off ramp maze. Circled about for an hour + then called it quits. Went to the Castaways + played 21 for an hour. Won $100 and left. Funny thing was they were watching me like a hawk + shuffling after only 2 or 3 hands (I was playing alone) For a change I got good hands and could alternate with 2 hands when they turned bad. Went + got groceries + was home by two. David + Debbie were here but then went off for one final bout. I fixed a meatloaf for dinner. The kids came back at 6:00 to get their things + say goodbye. They were leaving $200 ahead which is nice. Mary called just as Dick + I were eating at 8:30. I guess there is no way to time a call right. She’s upset about the jewelry from Mother for the grand daughters. The pool is plastered + filling + it looks gorgeous. Sad letter from Daddy enclosing note from “Uncle T.” (that part was funny)