What a grim day really (or at least the results) Dick did more work on the pool in the a.m. Set the rail[crossed out letter] etc. We all left the house at noon + went to the Frontier (scene of my former triumph.) Lost steadily If one of us was ahead the others were losing. Actually only Dick did consistently well at both keno and 21. We were there til 5 and I cashed two checks but just as we left won a little. Went to the Landmark Tower for a very nice dinner + then right off the bat I wound up losing $300 but Dick left with just about what he’d come with After giving me money over + over again. We played 21 [crossed out letters] together several times + it was the only time I won at all. We finally took a cab home at 8 o’clock + left the kids to play Too much, too much, too much. David has been reading Thorpe who is very good (Beat the Dealer) but you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse + if you get one rotten hand after another that’s just tough. Also if nobody else at the table knows how to play that’s tough too! Yammer, yammer, yammer. It was too much casino, that’s all.