I went out early to do some shopping. Dick off to get lumber for the gates. Got back with the groceries minutes before David + Debbie arrived at 10:30. Had expected them later. We sat around + talked until Dick got back at noon. Helped him unload + then D + D + I went to the Alladin Mostly because there are free chances on “a ton of money” – Did well + then lost. David out of everything. We went to the International + I cashed a check and brought him back to where he started. Then we played + David won + I lost but ended up even. Next stop the Landmark which was best of all because we all won including Debbie who had “The best time” there. Came home about 6:15 + gave Dick $50 which was nice. We had a big thick steak for dinner + the kids went back out to gamble Dick + I played Yahtzee here at home. Dick worked himself too hard today. Cleaned out the pool which is now immaculate in the hope that Paul Grube could plaster tomorrow. Unfortunately he called at 6 to say he couldn’t but it had to be done anyway. Bed early – both tired. Letter from Hilary – Uncle Alston + Aunt Edith Chase both died – I feel so badly that I never wrote Aunt Edith or even sent that dumb letter I started back on Cactus Lane.