Caught up diary. Called Julia’s office to make sure she’d gotten my card. Spoke with Tina. Called Alice + Dave + Leon who sounds just horribly depressed. We took the truck in to get the air-conditioning fixed and I paid Alice back the $5.00 on the way back. Picked up Tina and spent most of the day cleaning house. She did dusting and vaccuuming + helped me change the beds. I did 3 loads of wash and cleaned + scrubbed the bathrooms. Denny came to pick her up which was nice – They’re going to pour the deck tomorrow. David called to say Jessie + Doug couldn’t make it this weekend which is too bad but 4 would be a bit much anyway Shirley called Armando’s boss for me while I was out shopping + evidently he’s very wiling to do all that must be done about the work certificate. Will go there tomorrow as soon as I can. Fashion Show tomorrow – I forgot.