No luck with the eardrops so I called Dr. Heides office + Miracle of miracles he could work me in this AM. Little misunderstanding about Shirley’s hours + pay and I talked it over with her. Evidently Dick had never even looked at the check he signed last week which was for $175.00 instead of $250!! He’d better learn bookkeeping! I wrote a very brief note to Ana +  told her it would take at least 3 weeks to get the papers she needs. Asked for date + place of her marriage in Calif. Also for Julia’s name + address Went to Dr. Heides. Long long wait + it finally developed there was no wax left but I’d irritated my ears with the drops which I’d left in overnight! Stopped to see Mr. Chan whose social security check had gotten lost so I loaned him $20.00 + gave him the vitamins. Went to the Post office My watch stopped (it will if you don’t wind it) went the the Blvd + bought 17.80 worth of groceries Put them in the car then went back in for some hamburger and came back to find everything gone!!! Came home in tears – late + tired + [crossed out letters] ears sore. Dick in lovely humor which helped funny letter from Cotton + pkge from Leon with socks, a tie + a blouse. Called Wendy to see if maybe Tina can help me in the a.m.