Left earlyish to go see Dr. Bentley – Went by the Tropicana just to cash a check as I had very little money. My physical went well as the x-ray and all the tests were good. Bill told me not to lose any more weight. I’m 13 lbs less than last year Weighed in at 111 on his scale with my clothes on. We talked a bit of this + that. He gave me another thyroid prescription and some ear drops. Told me to try them with a syringe and see what happened before going to an ear doctor. Went + got the stuff then went downtown. Went to the Federal bldg + got a stack of forms for Ana + Armando + a stack of forms for Shirley from the IRS Went to Dana McKays and got a thesaurus for Linda and a book on bookkeeping + one on drafting for Dick. Some mysteries for me and some cards + wrapping paper Weird stormy day. Came home to find a letter from Germany – Leuse’s son – Egon Wever – Leuse died in January. I pieced the letter together as best I could. Elizabeth had told me once that she thought Luese maybe had a son from something that had slipped out once. Strange – and especially so when it came to the part where he said he was 62 years old. Well of course that makes sense but that rocked me. Oh Lost + By the Wind Grieved Ghost come back again. Must get someone to read the letter for me. He sent back Leuse’s check.

Dick did alot today. I read late. Jen Goldsmith called to ask me to a fashion show + I invited Phoebe Bentley.