Was supposed to meet with Mary Carreno this a.m. early to write letter to Ana. Connections crossed up – She had to work. Rainy day. Stopped in Show boat + could do no good. Took the car to the Volks wagon place to get the windshield wiper fixed and it took about 30 seconds. Felt like an idiot but the guy was very nice. Went to laundry, drugstore + safeway Tried to get an ear syringe. Can hear less + less Dick + Jerry accomplished enormous amounts and the wall is beginning to look just beautiful. Shirley only here for about half an hour as she has the Republican conventions right now. Very nice letter from Winnie. Jess called + everything’s fine. They’ll be here Saturday A.M. Dick exhausted after long full day – bed early. More rain.

George Hall Jr. asked Jack if he’d plumb pools for him!!! he’s trying to get the Master pool franchise. He still owes Dick $430.00 Dick thinks it’s funny but it bugs the hell out of me.