Slept + lolled around read Sunday papers Went down to Manor house around 12:30 or so. They had some very nice chairs and very reasonable but we don’t know what we’re going to do with the others yet. Went to the Golden Nugget for lunch and played Keno at 60¢ a ticket for a couple of hours [crossed out letters] Didn’t win anything. I played a few hands of 21 and ditto. Came back via a stop’n go for an icy and then watched TV. I made a trial place mat – Sort of odd looking and I’m not sure I like it. TV + early bed.

We called Colby to wish her happy Birthday and our staying in the house is fine this summer. She told us Jess was at Mary’s so we called + invited Jessie, Doug, David + Debbie this coming weekend. ‘Told Jessie we’d get her [crossed out letters] plane tickets out Sunday night (made reservations) She’ll call us Monday night after talking to D + D.

Marlene came by the house looking very grown up.