In a snappish exchange this a.m. some of Thursday’s business was settled. I said something and then added dripping with sarcasm “If I’m allowed out of the house!” Dick said he didn’t care what I did as long as I came home when I said I was coming home. “You said you’d be home at 3 and you show up at 6!” Well I was home Thursday at 4:20 and the three figure had been mentioned by him but I let it go. Just said well then I’ll say every day that I’ll be home by six.” End of subject. I wrote Mom, Cassie + George and I wrote Julia and Anth who’s birthday is on the 6th. Dick went outside to work and I waited indoors for a call from Danny Henderson which never came. I put the runner in the dryer + then [crossed out letter] ironed it and put on fringe. It looks very nice. The mailman came with a letter from Ana. Hairy tale of their trip home. Shot at by guerillas in Guatemala, Jeffrey ill, no more money etc. They want to come back to the U.S. with all the children and there are alot of papers that are necessary. All of which they have to have within 30 days. It means alot of running around and some expense and alot of worry. They say they’ll be no problem when they come but remembering it was about a thousand for doctors’ bills Jeffrey + Ana’s operation 400 for the car, 400 for back income tax and all that not counting the $50 a week plus room + board + astronomical utility bills. How they’ll manage I do not know. I called Rudy Carreno + his wife is Mary so I talked with her + she’s going to help me Monday to write a letter. I worked outside a little with Dick who worked alot. We called Manor House + will go down there tomorrow. They’ve filed bankruptcy. [crossed out letter] We went to see the late show of the Godfather. I kept my eyes shut during the bloody scenes + thought the movie was well done. Home at 2:00 – bed at 2:30