I was in a really foul humor all day – furious with Dick because of yesterday and thoroughly depressed. If a 41 year old woman can’t spend her day as she fucking well pleases it’s pretty ridiculous. I spent the morning cleaning things up + out. Therapy and substitution. Made huge box for the Salvation Army Gave Shirley alot of things and got together a very nice assortment of Bingo prizes. Opened Leon’s package + it included (or consisted of) a purple velvet evening dress It’s too big and I am sending back but I would have anyway. I don’t need it, want it, or would ever have occasion to use it – Just because I’ve made an effort to accept things graciously, Leon’s gone too far. It’s like a child pushing to see how far you can be shoved. I cleaned out my dresser drawers, the back hall closet + our closet. I did laundry + went around all day swearing to myself and bursting into tears Crowning blow (of a ghastly day was when the chairs were delivered + they’re absolutely hideous. Couldn’t be worse. $393 and they’re terrible covered them with blankets and will give them back to George (if he’ll take them) next week. We’ll just have to get others I cried again – Never left the house all day long. Dick perfectly pleasant in the evening but I was too damn tired to care – I finished the bureau scarf, washed it and lay it out on the kitchen counter.