They installed the other burglar alarm mat today.

Left the house early. Went by the Trop to cash a check and then played 21 for 20 minutes – bought back the check + had $50.00 Went shopping and then met Alice at Breakfast at the Blvd She looks marvelously well. I think she’d been doing too much before her trip Eddie + Ann greeted me like a long lost + loved relative and I enjoyed every minute of it. We sat with Ruth Hazard, Lucy Scott + another nice lady whose name I forget. I went over to the health food store + got some vitamins for Mr. Chan and then went out to the Desert Retreat. New nurse on the desk but most else unchanged. Ann wandering about – condition worse than before. Lucille delighted to get the Bingo prizes She + Pearl a nurse who’d been on leave when I was there before helped me pack Dick’s chess set and my mug which turned out very nicely. I went + got my chest x-ray and then after a hot dog went to Alice’s She’d left the key in the door! Called the house + Dick said to get my ass home (a little before 2 o’clock) + I said I hadn’t seen Alice + wanted to play a few games with her. She came + we played 3 games + I left + she called Dick but evidently it did no good. I was home a little after 4 and he was still working “because there’s nothing else to do around here.” It’s too bad he can’t read. He’s using his health as blackmail whether he recognizes it or not. Jim Daniels came for dinner – Dick wouldn’t eat. I ate in the livingroom so he + Jim could visit. Dick off to bed after + I knitted for a bit and read. Pkge from Leon at 10 PM