Called Alice + made date for tomorrow. Called Jack Wood’s office and complained about the Graysons being on our insurance policy. Nice guy [crossed out letters] Bob Taylor said he’d check it out. Called Dave’s office. Went to see Dave at noon He said he’d talk to O’Donnell + try to get this Carpenter thing finished for once + for all. I told him that the very least we can get out of all this mess and $150,000 is that Dick comes out of it clean. I was tired + tearful. Stopped at the Tropicana on my way home for a half hour or so. Bill Ray was very pleased with the note I’d sent. I guess people don’t bother to thank pit bosses. Leon had called to say I might have a job. Called back + Dorothy told me to call Virginia Martindale. Did + talked with her secretary. I’ve been submitted and now we just have to wait. It works the week of the 12th Leon called later I want the job so badly I can taste it. At the same time I know that Virginia’s position on a new show will not be as strong so I can only hope. Inman called + asked if I could work + I said no.