Almost overslept. Drank alot of water so much I almost wet my pants on the way to Bentley’s via the post office. Mailed the pkges + some 10 or 11 letters. Blood tests and cardiogram at the Doctor’s. Funny technician. Set up loose date for chest x-ray. Went downtown and bought some shoes for Mr. Chan got a new pair for myself and threw away the old evil-smelling ones. Went to see Mr. Chan – the shoes were just right and he was very happy with them. Went to the Desert Inn for a while + played 21 but couldn’t do anything. Alice Turner called several times while I was out. Called her back when I got home but the line was busy 3 or 4 times so let it go Dick worked harder than he was supposed to all day [crossed out words] very tired but I can’t stop him. He’s going to see Hartley one more time after today’s appt. Ran out  of gas at Rancho + Charleston + had to walk up to the Panorama mkt to get some. Had planned to get x-ray but then didn’t

Stormy night – lightening + thunder + rain.