We didn’t touch the pool today. Slept lateish. Dick went out + bought a trimmer (electric) for the yard. I wrote Timmy w/pictures and Bill Tregoe. Sent him the certification for Country Girl. I made pkges of Margie’s books (One with the encyclopedia must way 20 lbs at least) and Colby’s shirt I dusted in the office and [crossed out letters] swept and washed the kitchen floor We made love + later lay around. Mary called + had spoken with Margie. Evidently she was so happy about our proposed assistance that she almost cried. College has been on her mind and she wants to go with all her heart. That was wonderful news to me because I’d begun to fear she didn’t care right now. Dick + I played yahtzee – loser to vaccuum. Dick vaccuumed the living room + I cleaned up the dishes and dusted everything in the livingroom. Then he fixed chicken livers – not too great as he went wild with the wine vinegar I told him I thought he was grooming me to take over the chicken liver detail We had a very nice evening. Kept thinking we were going to have guests but we didn’t. Just a wrong hunch. TV + knitted. Couldn’t eat anything after midnite because of lab tests tomorrow – Didn’t really want to but the the thought I couldn’t set up a craving!