Up fairly early (six) wrote Winnie + David – Called Hilary about how to arrange the book money – learned that David had only applied to Middlebury College where he didn’t make it. Has now applied to Dartmouth + UNH. Word from Mary (via James of course) was that David “didn’t get accepted anywhere.” Rather a different story. Sent a check to the Bookshelf to Hilary and a check to Mather. (wrote Winnie I was sending it – so feel fairly sure that will work out. We went out to work on the pool about 9 am. I carried bricks – made stacks of them inside the wall. Figured I moved about 150 which is quite a few. We worked very hard + were both knocked out by noon when we called it quits. Came in + lay down and ate a little, read a little + watched TV. I knitted on my runner and sewed pieces together and suddenly it was 5 o’clock and time to work again. I felt sick + dizzy and of course Dick is sick (tho not Dizzy) so we did not get too much done. What was done, Dick did. Little flareup of temper on my part. Ate piecemeal dinner. Leon called which was nice. Watched TV and read a mystery by George Bagley. Bed – exhausted.