We slept a little late. I wrote Rae a note and I finished a very long letter to Margie. Told her I’d help her Mother with her college. Then called Mary + told her the same thing – it would be a pity to waste a brain like Margie’s. I also (quick second call to Mary) told her the only strings attached should be no word getting back to Allen – I could just see the twins’ education being thrust on our family. Blah Blah Blah. Sent Mary a twofer for Country Girl that I picked up at the Hallmark + forgot to give her. Dick mixed a batch of mud about 11:30 – Ed + Casey came over mid-way + we took time out + listened to one side of Peter Ustinov’s “Grand Prix du Rock” – then back to work until 3:30. I didn’t do too much but helped as best I could while Dick worked like a dog. Came in at 3:30 and lay down. I went for groceries an hour later. $42 worth and didn’t even get that much. Got a rug needle at Sprouse Reitz and vitamins + photos at Savon + some mysteries. Came home and put leg of lamb in the oven. Jim Daniels called to say he couldn’t come for dinner as his blood pressure was up. Sorry about the reason but just as glad to eat alone. Druscilla sent me a long (5″ too long) yellow Mexican embroidered dress – Very pretty and I’ll wear it alot. We called her + she was just as pleased with the blanket. Nice talk I worked on my bureau scarf (bureau rug I should call it) We watched TV and had a really good dinner. I finished Eleanor Duse by Jean Stubbs – loved it. Sad though – especially her death in Pittsburgh – weird love affair with Gabriel D’Annunzio – a Shitheel of a man.