Sort of a lost day for me. I took stuff to the Salvation Army early + then left the car at Earl’s auto at 8:30. They said to be back at 4:30. I walked to Pantry Pride and got some groceries and then took them to Mr. Chan. So unused to walking it was like being in a different city. Mr. Chan is, frail and lonely and not at all well. Still hasn’t heard from his sister whom I wrote two weeks ago. I stayed + visited maybe an hour. Said I’d come back next Tuesday after the lab work at Bentley’s Went walking about + window shopping. Looked for something nice to send Annie but came up with nothing Saw a lawyer’s sign named Grazia dei (Thank God) bought a pocket edition of Duse by Jean Stubbs and the new New Yorker. Had something to eat at Foxy’s. Finally wound up at the Sahara – had had some weird idea of writing notes while playing Keno. Not possible Couldn’t concentrate So played 21. Dick paged me and the car was ready. Went to get it and left my shopping bag in the Casino! So had to go back for it. New white roof looks very nice. All the office stuff moved in and looks fine. Dick cancelled Hartley today with an hours notice and is seeing him Tuesday for the last time as the insurance doesn’t cover any more. Of course it’s his decision and he’s alot better but I think it’s a worthwhile expense for a while. Dick a fixed dinner which was a treat and we watched TV – a couple of gruesome shows but fun. Dick gave me a ring – very daintily gold carved letters LOVE – the opposite side in similar lettering FUCK it’s a shocker but funny. We called Harold Stern + the board meeting in Boston is on Tuesday So fingers crossed