Had planned to go to the Blvd for Breakfast but didn’t make it. Jimmy + Dick + I cleaned out the garage in the early a.m. Jimmy asked if he could stay here while we’re gone this summer + if he’s able it might work out very well. I fixed him some sandwiches to take along + eggs etc + Dick sent a cooler can out with Joyce who brought a load of cartons from the office. Jerry stacked everything neatly + numerically in the garage. I spent all morning cleaning the laundry, the bathroom and the workshop Vaccuumed + washed + dusted and it still doesn’t look too great. Called Earl’s auto + have a roof appt. tomorrow. Lab work for Bentley next Tuesday. Called Anti-crime people and they’re waiting to hear from their rug man. Got Leon’s telegram with the mail today + called Dorothy to tell her. She had a ghastly tale to tell about Western Union – her father’s death + her subsequent disinheritance. I paid Sewer Service for Bonita, Publishers’ clearing house and wrote Daddy, Mrs. Sullivan and a thank you note to Bill Ray at the Tropicana. Never left the house. In the evening after dinner we shifted the furniture around in the addition to make room for the office furniture And we unloaded the stuff in Dick’s truck. Both tired but oddly hopped up