Got present from Annie, check from Daddy, letter from Doug and card from M.J.

Up early – made bed, did several loads of laundry did a little ironing – Dick went out to work on the brick wall about 8:30 – Wasn’t in too grand a humor I left about nine + went to the show boat was lucky on both 21 and the slot machines + won $155.00 Came home for the garden guy and Dick was here – exhausted. The guy showed up about 1:15 – Jim something. Seemed very pleasant – young, [crossed out letters] long-haired good impression. I looked all over for our insurance check – finally found it in Dick’s sock drawer. [crossed out word] Jimmy Judge stopped by and we asked him for dinner. I went to the Valley Bank + deposited $487.50 to our account and thence to Bank of Nevada where I deposited $100 in my acct and $50.00 in the “Ana Savings” Mailed Scott’s pkge at the Post office and went to Dana McKay’s – everything selling at 50% because they’re going out of business (so’s Rings’n’things so that end of the mall will be empty) Bought about $45 worth of books – Mostly for Margie’s graduation. An encyclopedia (Columbia – one volume $22.50) Some poetry a book of quotations, Bullfinch’s Mythology etc. Went over to see Shirley who was packing boxes all neatly numbered + labeled. Got her a coke, went to the Safeway + came home (met nice dealer from Lowell, Mass – the one at whose table I was sitting when I won the keno ticket at the internat’l) Dick slept for a while and I wrote Colby + asked her if we could stay in Riverdale this summer – also wished her a happy Birthday. Wrote Bisy a birthday card w/$10 and wrote Bert + Barbara Remsen. We had Roast/potatos and rolls + string beans. Jimmy always a pleasure as a dinner guest. He left the operation in California “a factoring Co” – Scam all the way. He’s on his way to Alabama + then to see his parents – Spent the night. I called Leon who’d sent a telegram I never got – hmm.