My 41st birthday –

This one not as bad as last year – I don’t know why but I liked it from beginning to end. Got alot done Dick left earlyish and I made pkges for Drue + The Pigotts. Sent the Lion is Busy to Bert Remsen’s two daughters, Kerry + Ann. Wrote Cotton + sent her a Xerox copy of The Beetle, The Worm + the Snail”. Paid phone bill ($187) and B. Dalton’s. Called Anti Crime, Earl’s Auto Trim + Pet Town. Opened presents – lovely blouse from Jack + Joyce and absolutely gorgeous sweater coat from Mary. Just beautiful and fits perfectly! Made bed cleaned the johns and generally futzed about. Newcomb called to wish me a Happy and so did Annie – nice long talk. She’ll be in Lemitar in another week. Didn’t leave the house til one o’clock. Went to the Airport P.O. + mailed pkges + letters. Thence to the Landmark where after several hours I won $75.00. Went to the Xerox place and got paper and “toner” – then to the office where I missed Dick by 15 minutes. Xeroxed 100 copies of Scotty’s resumé. Shopped at Thrifty + went to pick up the dogs. Shiny clean and so happy to see me. Home before six. Heavenly flowers from Dick and some orchids from Mom, Cassie + George – Wow! Cards from Philadelphia and Lyle Druscilla called – she goes in the hospital on the 14th for 9 days. We had a steak dinner + watched TV and the only thing to mar the day was me burning a hole in our rug. Cigarette rolled off the ashtray. Hell! Daddy wrote me a nice letter which came yesterday but forgot my birthday! He’ll remember I guess soon enough. I also burned the vegetables + pot – left them on after dinner – was glad it was my birthday as Dick was very nice about it!!! Nice day