Woke early – Dick fixed coffee – pottered about + napped again – Got up for real about 8:30. Packed + dressed in my new outfit which I love Dick bathed + we checked out at 10 o’clock. Got to Leon’s and Dorothy still all pleased with her birthday flowers. We went out to see Virginia Martindale – took her a bottle of Cold Duck (red dog) and then met Merle Abeles now McLaughlin next door. Had a very good feeling about it and think there’s a chance of a job there. Drove over to 20th and saw Bert Remsen who later joined us for lunch at the commissary – Leon’s going to give him “Fit to be Tied” and told him I’d send copies of “The Lion is Busy to Ann + Kerry. Lovely day. Got Leon back to the office by 2 o’clock – a little after said goodbye to Dorothy + dear Leon + headed out to Mary’s – picked up 3 bottles of wine for them. Nobody there when we arrived. Dick went to sleep and I rearranged Scott’s resume on Les’ typewriter but not happy with the type. Called Scott and am going to look into a local childrens’ theater in Las Vegas (Equity) Mary home about 4:30 – cancelled on her Dentist Gave me a beautifully wrapped birthday present and by the time I left a mixed bouquet from her garden talked about Susan and all sorts of things. They drove us to the airport Nice [crossed out word] flight – sat next to a woman who is very ill with cirrhosis and half a stomach and ulcers + when we left the plane I gave her Mary’s flowers because she liked them + I thought she needed them. Home and Dick ironed while I retyped Scotty’s resumé. Had a message from Harold Stern + when I called it seems they’re on the brink of buying the Boston Traveler. I hope it comes through. Nice to be home. Am excited about my birthday tomorrow. Silly!