Very quiet day so far. (It’s now 4:30 pm)  we’ve lain around all morning + afternoon, made love + slept. I caught up 4 days of diary and talked on the phone with Virginia Martindale We’d planned to go over + say hello but something came up for her so we’ll try to see her tomorrow talked with Leon and Scotty. I’m going to re-type his resumé for him + Dick will Xerox it. We made reservations home tomorrow at 7 pm. Called Mary + left a message with the service. Leon is going to take me on a few rounds tomorrow + then we’ll have lunch together + part company. We’re about to go meet Timmy – Dick has a little water in his legs today so we’ll make it an early evening——–//

We stopped + bought some vodka + bourbon for Timmy + some orange juice + instant coffee for us + a bottle of cold duck for Virginia. Got to Timmy’s about 5:20. A mighty hollyhock has fallen across the drive. Timmy looks well – better than when he was in L.V. and I thought, despite Scotty’s warning that he seemed in fairly good spirits – or if not he was making an effort and he ended up having a good time at any rate – we had a very nice evening. Went to L’auberge for a delicious dinner + then back to the apt which is still looking nice – listened to some tapes and talked at length We came home at 10:30 – Read + watched TV. Mary called us at Timmy’s + won’t be home til six tomorrow so we’re not going to have much of a visit.