Woke early + lazed around. Called the coffee shop for a large pot of coffee and juice and sweet rolls. Called Timmy and made date for tomorrow night. Called George who said he could take me at 12:30. Called Scotty. I wrote a note to David + Debbie + then went to the Post Office + sent it along with the money orders for Ana. Dick gave me a $100 bill when I left. George cut my hair for nothing (this once we agreed) and then I went over to the shopping center to buy a stole. Ended up with a lovely one plus 2 slack suits and a blouse $96.47!!! but the suits (identical – one in a blue jean blue + the other in charcoal gray) are the greatest!! Picked up a little pair of cheapie shoes to go with the outfit + had brunch at Cathie’s Pantry. Got back to the hotel at 3:15. Scotty + Dick had had lunch together + a good time. I told Dick about Ana’s call and that I’d sent some money – we didn’t go into any of it at all deeply. We napped + didn’t wake til after 5:30. Dressed (I wore Leon’s blouse with the charcoal outfit – size 8 incidentally!!!) + Dick looked marvelous in his houndstooth jacket. Scotty already at Leon’s + Bill Tregoe came a little after us – silly funny time. Everybody drinking but us and it didn’t make the least bit of difference. Caro Jones came about 8 o’clock + we all had dinner. A beautiful potroast Really good. Scotty + I cleaned up. I think we all had a good time. Came home about 11:30. Dick turned on the TV but after reading a little I conked out. Scotty gave me a photo of a painting of Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth for my Birthday.